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Regardless of the type of custom web design you need, it takes a professional to bring your vision to life.

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Custom Web Design

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Custom web design is a serious job; after all, this type of web design needs to work as a business tool. Any website, especially a business website, must reflect the brand, mission, products or services in the most effective way possible.

Custom Web Design What Type of Website?

The scope of a website’s needs is enormous, but knowing what type of custom website you need to satisfy your business goals helps speed up the process. A custom designed website with an outstanding user experience applies to every website, regardless of type.


These sites represent a company or organisation and provide information about the business, its services or products, contact information, and other relevant details.


Ecommerce websites allow you to sell products or services online. They encompass online stores, marketplaces, and any website with shopping cart functionality.


Artists, photographers, designers, writers, and other creatives often use portfolio websites to display samples of their work, share a resume, and attract potential clients or employers.


Personal blogs might share experiences, opinions, or expertise, while business blogs aim to attract and engage an audience with relevant content to build brand awareness and trust.

Custom Web Design – What Pages Do You Need?

The specific pages you need on yout custom website vary depending on your business or organisation, its goals, and the content you want to provide to your visitors. Here are some standard page types. Your site may need all of them or just some.

Home Page

Every website needs a home page, and it’s typically the first page visitors land on when they visit your site.

About Page

An about page is where you tell potential customers more about your company and what you stand for.

Products / Services

You should have a page for each product or service you provide, clearly highlighting the features and benefits of each.

FAQs Page

Visitors may be looking for answers to questions. A frequently asked questions (FAQ) page can help you provide them.

Portfolio Page

It would help if you offered examples of your previous work; a portfolio page is where you can showcase them.

Testimonials Page

Visitors may want to see reviews from previous customers. A testimonial page is where you show them.

Blog Page

A blog is where you show visitors that you know your stuff. Give them free tips on a subject they need help understanding.

Contact Page

Your contact page is where you tell visitors how to contact you. Include a form and map to show your location.

Terms & Privacy

The dull legal small print regarding the use of your website and your products or services protects everyone.

Custom Web Design – The Design Process

After 14-plus years of developing a process for building websites, It’s no surprise that I have a simple set of stages to ensure a successful result for everyone involved.


The first step is to gather as much information as possible from you, the client.


Prototyping is where I create a working visual to see if you and I are on the same page.


I’ll create a functional website, making necessary changes to reflect opportunities discovered from step two.

Go Live

Your site goes live. I finish testing for gremlins and tell Google that your site exists.

Custom Web Design

A web design professional is an asset to your brand. When I take on a client, it’s a sure thing that my success depends entirely on yours, so it’s best to work with someone 100% committed.

Outstanding web design is complex, as is making sure every search engine finds your content, so it’s best to work with someone who knows what they’re doing. After all, your business can’t afford to be damaged by poor results.

I’ve been offering web design services for over 14 years, and I’ve made every conceivable mistake already, so it’s unlikely that I’ll stuff up your project! If you’d like to know more about me and what I do, check out my article, What Does A Web Designer Do?

A Closer Look at Custom Web Design

Custom web design refers to creating a website from scratch or significantly modifying an existing one to meet specific structures and functions. Here are the general aspects of custom web design:

  1. Unique Design

    Custom web design ensures your website doesn’t look like a template or cookie-cutter site. Your branding and visual identity are created from the ground up.

  2. Brand Alignment

    The design aligns with your brand’s colours, fonts, logos, and overall style, which helps create a consistent and recognisable online presence.

  3. Functionality

    You have complete control over the features and functionality of your website. You can add or remove elements to match your specific goals. Read my article Web Page Elements and Their Fundamental Purpose to learn more about their importance.

  4. User Experience (UX)

    Custom web design allows for a tailored user experience. You can optimise the layout, navigation, and content to ensure your website is user-friendly and effective in achieving its purpose. Read my article User Interface Design for a deeper understanding.

  5. Scalability

    Custom websites are more adaptable and scalable. As your business grows and your needs change, you can easily modify the design and functionality to accommodate these changes.

  6. SEO

    You can optimise your website for search engines from the start. Create SEO-friendly URLs, optimise page load times, and ensure your site’s structure allows search engines to understand your content.

  7. Mobile Responsiveness

    Custom web design allows for the creation of a responsive design, ensuring your website won’t break and functions well on a diverse range of devices and screen sizes.

  8. Security

    You can prioritise security features essential for your website, protecting your data and your users’ information. Read my article Website Security Best Practices for a deeper understanding.

  9. Content Management

    You can choose a content management system (I exclusively use WordPress) that suits your needs, making updating and managing your website content easier.

  10. Testing and Optimisation

    With custom web design, you control the testing and optimisation process, leading to better performance and user satisfaction.

    While custom web design offers many advantages, it often requires a higher initial investment in time and resources than pre-designed templates or themes. However, the result is a uniquely original website better aligned with your business or personal objectives.

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To keep things affordable, I’ve created 2 packages to suite most situations.

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