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Web design cost is a primary concern for anyone needing a new website. Let me demystify the pricing process.

Not all projects are created equal. The scope, complexity, and deadlines of each project make it individual. As such, a pricing structure needs to be flexible.



I work as a freelancer and have two Satellite specialists who are experts in their field. Fortunately, I work from a home office with no discernable overheads.


I’ve been designing for the web since 2014. With countless changes in web usability, technological advances, and users’ expectations, it’s a full-time job to keep up, learn, adapt, and remain a viable option as a service provider, so I know what I’m doing.


All amounts are in AUD (Australian Dollars)

My base hourly rate is a flat $120 per hour, which I use to calculate projects.

However, there’s more to the story—generally, the bigger the project, the lower the hourly rate.


The 3 methods that I use to determine a web design package cost are:

Hourly Rate: Charging hourly means I bill you for the total hours worked.

Project Rate: Project rates are risky for me but generally benefit the customer. The overall benefit is that both parties can focus on the ultimate value of the deliverable.

Monthly Rate: This means charging flat rates for recurring work such as website maintenance, copywriting, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), hosting management, etc.

Costing Method

Here is a breakdown of how I reach a cost using the Project Rate. (It’s the most common rate)

Project Awesome is a mid-size build and requires the whole gamut of services to demonstrate a clear idea of costings:

Component Estimated Time (Hours) Cost
(Full Rate)
Who is this site competing with?
What are the challenges?
What opportunities are there to add a competitive edge?
What is the plan for implementing SEO, based on the learned information?
What does this type of site need in terms of features and content?
10 $1,200
Am I procuring a domain name?
Do I need to research available and appropriate name(s)?
Am I setting up web hosting?
Am I setting up Security (SSL)?
Am I setting up an email client?
Fixed (p/a) $400
Will I be designing your logo?
Do you need photos taken? Or are you using stock photos?
Am I responsible for the copy (text, descriptions, etc.)
Fixed $1,200
Design: I’ll generally produce 2 wireframes (website layouts with little to no functionality). You’ll choose which one I’ll develop. 40 $4,800
Development: I’ll turn the design into a fully functional website ready for testing. 40 $4,800
Testing: This is where the whole thing gets tested for bugs, anomalies, and minor tweaks. (they’re inevitable) 10 $1,200
Total $13,600

The costs soon add up. And at $13,700, the cost might be prohibitive. That’s why I work with you as a professional web designer to find a project rate that works for both parties.

As you can see, ‘getting a website done’ can be a complex job. But then, that’s why you’d hire a professional.