SEO packages cover all aspects of search engine optimisation (SEO), which will enhance your website’s visibility in search engine results.

Both my SEO packages have proved popular, though if you have specific needs, then contact me direct.

SEO Packages

My SEO package covers all aspects required to get your content found on the Search Results Pages (SERPs). However, the level of service you need depends on how accelerated you want results.

Keyword Research

Researching the best keywords for your industry or niche is both vital and involved. Choose either the starter or pro package according to the urgency of the results required. The more keywords optimised, the better the reach.Starter: 1-5 Keywords ResearchedPro: 6-20 Keywords Researched

Keyword Tracking

Tracking each keyword is time-consuming but enormously important. Without tracking, it’s impossible to know how the chosen keywords perform.

On-Page Optimisation

I edit your content to meet every aspect of SEO best practices, including optimising the page title, meta description, text length, keyword placement, images, and links, to name a few factors.

Local SEO Optimisation

Any business that has a physical location or serves a geographic area benefits from local SEO with geo-targeting.

Link Building

The purpose of link building is to boost the authority of your pages in Google’s eyes. The process is both essential and time-consuming.

Content Creation

I’ll create well-crafted, 2000-word, SEO-specific content based on the keyword research already performed. *Only available on the Pro Package.

Social Media Marketing

I’ll repurpose the content created to meet your various social media platforms, posting twice a week. *Only available on the Pro Package.

Monthly SEO Reports

Reports are how you visualise the results. The information will generally back up what you already know from the increase in leads or sales.

Unlimited Advice & Support

I’m always available for advice and support. If you have a question or an idea you’d like to try, let’s discuss it and create a plan.

Read SEO: How To Beat Your Rivals in the SERPs Race to better understand the SEO process and what work is involved.

  • SEO Packages: The Basic $1200per month

  • SEO Packages: The Lot $2300per month

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